Friday, October 2, 2009

Windows Delivered

Just a quick update to say that they have ticked off the first thing from the list of to do's - our windows have been delivered and should be fitted today. We will pop out over the weekend and take some photos.

Hopefully the bricking starts on Tues/Wed as planned!
Now updated to include some Pics of the windows that were fitted on Friday - also there was some work done on the internal plumbing which was a nice surprise.

Now the only issue is the window shown below which is located above the kitchen bench/oven which is not the one that we were made to believe would be fitted. We were expecting the same window as the display home as we were told on numerous occaisions that the window was standard and that is what we would get....will be calling the SS first thing Tuesday to try and get it sorted out.

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  1. hi we are building the same house as you, we told A we wanted the window with the wind out windows (the one you have there) and she said no sorry thats extra, we were told we had to have the fixed one with no openings like the one in display.
    well we go a surprise when we found out that we got what we asked for after we were told we couldnt have it.!
    confersed?? me too.
    but we dont mind.