Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update Photofest

We dropped past the house this morning to find that quite a bit has been done this last week. Starting with our water tank and attached pipework.

It was nice to see the garage door nearly all the way up as well...
But the main thing was the fact that nearly all of the tiling has been done! They only have to do a little more grout work along with the tiles for the front porch area and they should be done. Hopefully that should only take a day or two for them to do, but I will know more on Monday as our SS is going to the house to check on the progress and will let me know the next couple of stages leading up to the PCI... so incredibly exciting!!!!
Laundry Tub and Tiling

Balcony Tiles


Main Bathroom

Oh but wait there is more news - the reason we could get into the house today was due to the painters being there!!! That's right they have started the painting and they said that it should take about a week to paint the whole house along with the rest of the eaves/cladding!!
Will hopefully get a mid week update with pics of the finished tiles and the painting progress.

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