Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CC and More Waiting

Well we received our final pack in the mail just over a week ago - which we have subsequently signed and posted back to Wisdom.

They submitted out CC application straight away and we were advised that is was supposed to be ready Monday or Tuesday this week but as of this morning (Wednesday) there was still no sign of it....

We have been told that once we have the approved CC they can send our file to the estimators but as there are quite a few other files going as well they have no idea how long it will be with the estimators before they can start on site. We have not received our pegout yet for the block yet 2 other blocks in our section (land registered at the same time) have already been slabbed!!! Frustration is starting to grow with each passing day with nothing happening and with no idea as to when something might happen....

Hopefully the next update will be a little more fruitful.

EDIT - just got a call from Bianca at Wisdom who said that she has now got the approved CC!!! YAY! She also said that the block should have already been pegged and they will chase that up and that she is going to do what she can to get our file in and out of estimating as quickly as possible.

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