Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well after a few false starts we are finally pegged out - Wisdom were under the impression that it had already been done but everytime we went past there was nothing - so they had the surveyor go back out yesterday and do them again....this time when we went past we were greeted with this.

Which is super exciting as it is hopefully and indicator that it won't be long till we get scraped!! Anita told us that it has been booked but they cannot give us a date yet as there a few other jobs going through at the moment.

Another thing that has happened is we have decided to do our own flooring after handover. The areas that are normally tiled by the builder downstairs are now going to be timber as one of the new brothers in law is a floorer by trade in Perth and he has offered to come over and lay the flooring for nothing we just have to provide the refreshments ;)

Oh and due to those strong winds we have had recently we lost the tree that was on our nature strip...

not sure if they are going to replace it or not at this stage, will put a call into the developer to see if they know anything.

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