Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I went out to our block to check out the work that was supposed to be done today and when I get there.....nothing. No a single bit of dirt moved....Next door seemed to be moving along as there was a little excavator there doing all the work for the plumbing etc....

So I give B at Wisdom a call and tell her that I am sitting out the front of our block and that nothing has happened - she puts me on hold and contacts the construction crew who inform her that due to all the rain last night they were unable to work today.....I pause for a moment, look at the land which is bone dry and say "what rain?" I later confirmed via the BOM website that the local measuring station (which btw is accross the road from our estate) took a measurement of 0.2mm for the 24hrs yesterday. Seems that if it rains anywhere in the state the contractors can call a rain delay...pretty pathetic if you ask me.

Not impressed in the slightest. And on top of that it will not be done till Thursday now....not looking forward to telling my DW when she gets home from work as she is sick of the delays as it is.

Not a good start...but I have faith that if they proceed like they have done for so many other then it should be full steam ahead shortly.

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