Saturday, September 19, 2009

Piers Done!

On Friday I got two calls in the space of 5 minutes, 1st was from our SS saying that he was at our block and that our piers had been done! But to top that off he said that the plumbing and waffles were due Mon and Tues for the slab to be poured on Wednesday!!!!! About 5 secs after hanging up from our SS the phone rang again - this time from Di Lorenzo saying it was time for us to make an appointment to do our tile selections!

Talk about a great way to finish the week! Hopefully everything goes to plan next week and we get to have our slab on Wednesday.

Managed to get out to the block today and took a few pics - appears the electrician was there this morning as the main conduit had been run.

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  1. ah yes, it all goes along so slowly for so long, and then suddenly - you're in business! Good news