Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Locked Up and Stairs!!

So we are now officially at lockup stage as all our external doors (except the garage door) have been fitted and the place can be closed up for the xmas break! Its exciting, but also bit of a bummer as unless a tradie is there we will be unable to get in to grab pics when things get done.

When I was there today I found a guy there working on the cornices and he had finished about half the house - said he would stay as late as possible and would probably be back early in Jan to finish it all off as he would have about 1/2 a days work left after today. He was also under the impression that the waterproofing was still scheduled for tomorrow but whether or not it will actually happen he couldn't say.

Also some of the internal doors/architraves had been started and....wait for it.....the stairs have been fitted. So no more climbing up and down the ladder! It looks really good and we are really happy we chose to fit a door from the study for a storage area as there is quite a bit of room under there.

As this is likely to be our last update for the DECADE I will finish this off with a


We will be back in Jan with hopefully lots and lots of pics as we get closer and closer to moving into our new home!

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