Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So over the last couple of weeks there hasn't been a whole lot of work done on our place, which has been extremely dissapointing. The only thing done since the 1/12 was the plumber came back and fixed a few things that we were not happy with after his initial fitout.

Well all that changed as of last Friday when the electrician (who is a nasty piece of work - however that is a story for another time) came out and did his rough in and yesterday the carpenters were back working on the rest of the eaves/cladding along with the guys installing all of the insulation.

I had to drive out to the house this morning and ensure all the cables for the HT room were sorted as according to our SS the gyprock was going to be delivered today and possibly may even start going in today. Sure enough when I got there around 8am the truck was there and the guys were unloading all the boards to both up and down stairs. The carpenters were also there finishing off their work. I managed to have a quick chat with them and they felt they would be done by around lunch time and they were under the impression that they gyprockers were due today as well....so fingers crossed they turn up!

Oh and I managed to grab a couple of quick shots while I was there as well.


  1. Looking great, guys! Nice to see you moving along again. Looks like you might get your Christmas wish after all - lockup!!

  2. Thanks guys - yeah lockup is apparantly booked for next tuesday 22nd short of any major delays it looks like we should make it!