Monday, November 23, 2009

Data Networking

Well on Sunday our cabler and I went out to the house and ran all the network cabling (all 23 points of it) through to where the rack is going to be located under the stairs. I must say that it felt really good to be working on our house rather than just looking at it :)

Whilst we were there we also ran all the speaker wire for the Home Theatre as well as for the alfresco. We also planned the run for the HDMI in the HT room however the cable itself will not be put in place till right at the last minute to avoid anyone just deciding to help themselves to my new cable.

No pics at this stage as I forgot to take the camera (slaps forhead) but I will make sure we get some shots of it on our next visit later in the week.

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  1. Hi D + S,

    My wife and I are building the Aspiration 35mk2 and have recently been contemplating the pre-wiring required for our home theatre as well as additional zones for audio. I was wondering if you did the design/placement for the outlets yourself or got a professional to do it. If there is any advice/referals you can give in relationto the wiring it would also be appreciated.

    H & J