Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pic Fest

Well we made it out to the block yesterday for our regular Wednesday visit and discovered that they had completed around half of the upper eaves along with around 1/3 of the cladding which was a bit of a surprise as we were not expecting the cladding to be done yet. Both sections appear to already be painted so perhaps they are booked for a second coat today as our SS mentioned the painters were booked for Wednesday...

Also while they were there it appears that all of the external door frames have been fitted along with the cavity sliding door in the laundry and they have also fitted some extra strips of timber between the studs where we may wish to wall mount a TV later which was a nice touch. They have also removed all of the supporting beams from within each room which were previously secured to the floor - this makes moving around the house so much easier and also gives you more of a feel as to how big each room is.

Now we just await the lower roof to be done so fingers crossed the weather starts to be a little more cooperative from here until Xmas.

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