Monday, November 30, 2009

Lower Roof nearly done!

Well last week they got started on the lower roof and were able to get most of it done, with the gutter and fascia going up on Thursday and the majority of the tiles were done on the Friday. They are due back again today to finish off the tiles and then the rest of the bricks are due to be cleaned along with the carpenters to do the lower eaves.

We also receieved our kitchen plans last week and with only a couple of small changes (like cupboards to pot drawers) we were able to sign that off on Friday which means the sparky can be booked for his rough in sometime in the next week or so. After that they can then put the insulation in followed by the gyprock. We are getting an inspection done by Howard so that will be in there somewhere as well.

On Saturday my cabler and I went back to the house and ran all the cabling for the security system that we are installing instead of the standard one which took most of the day and it felt really good to be back at the house working on it again. We only have one or two things to tidy up prior to the gyprock going up and then nothing till after the painting has been done when we will have to do the fitout.

According to our SS the plan is to get the whole house plastered by the time they shut down for Xmas and if everything goes smoothly perhaps even a little more done, but if they get the plastering done I will be happy at this point.

Of couse I have some pics to show the progress ;)

All the scaffloding came down last week.

Lower Roof almost Done

Stair Well Cover

Networking cables

Home Theatre speaker and Network cables

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