Thursday, February 25, 2010

Carpet Done and PCI!!!

Well the last couple of days have seen lots of work being done at our place with Tuesday seeing the driveway formwork done on along with the cleaners going through the house. Wednesday saw the both the carpet and the kitchen splashback installed! And to top it off - according to our SS the driveway will be poured today (Thursday)!!!!!

We also have a date for our PCI which is next Tuesday 2nd March!!!! We are having Howard (H&K Ryan) come out and do his inspection on the Monday afternoon so we can take his report with us to the PCI with Wisdom - but hopefully there will not be much that needs patching and we can organise a quick handover. At this stage though we are going to be in the hands of the bank as to how quickly they can organise their valuer and release the funds.

It was a little dark when got to the house and so not many of the pictures turned out due to either not enough light or too much light from the flash - we will try and get some more soon.
Kitchen Splashback

Upstairs Lounge


They even carpeted right around underneath the stairs!! Totally Unexpected!

So our list is pretty much done - still a couple of things.
Driveway - booked for TODAY!
Final Clean - sometime before Tues
Main Floor Tiling - after PCI (not being done with builder)
Appliances - after handover

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