Thursday, February 11, 2010


I got an email yesterday stating that our SS has changed due to some reason or another (from the talk on the homeone forums it appears as though he has resigned) - we now have the construction manager handling the remainder of our build and hopefully we can continue on as planned.

We popped past the house yesterday late in the afternoon and found that a few more things have been done, such as the electrical fitout, and some of the plumbing fitout. We still need to have our downpipes fitted and we could see the bath through our study window, but a lot of it looks done. Other things that we noticed were that the proper locks/door handles have been put on all the external doors as well as the railing for the upstairs balcony being fitted. Unfortunately due to it being dark we couldn't take any photos but we are going to try and get there in the next day or so and hopefully we will catch someone on site.

So the list as it stands is:
Tiling -... done.
Electrical fit out - done
Taps and Baths - mostly done
Door handles and locks - done
Pantry/Wardrobe fit out - booked for week starting 8/2
Glass splashback in the kitchen -... measured.
Carpet -
Driveway -
Installation of Appliances -
Shower screens -... measured.

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