Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update with Pics!

Had a call from our new supervisor this morning asking if we had time to pop out and meet him at the house to go over where we are up to and of course we said yes!!

It was great to see that work was continuing on our place despite the change in supervisors and it looks like there will not be any delays due to anything apart from the weather. That was the one thing F mentioned - they were a little behind in the driveway department due to the constant rain we have been having. However he still felt that we should have it done as planned.

We took some time going around each room and making sure everything was proceeding as planned and he was able to give us a rundown on what was happening over the next week and it looks like we will have one tradie or another on site for the next week or so getting everything finalised. He also said that we should have a date locked in for our PCI sometime next week!!!

My DW is so happy with F as she feels like he has everything under control and that all of her concerns will be answered/dealt with. Whereas with B she was always worried that he would forget about it.

Oh and yes I did manage to get some pics

The list of things to do has been updated:

Tiling -... done.
Electrical fit out - done
Taps and Baths - done
Door handles and locks - done
Pantry/Wardrobe fit out - booked for week starting 15/2
Shower Screens - booked for week starting 15/2
Glass splashback in the kitchen -... measured.
Carpet - booked for week starting 15/2
Driveway - TBC
Installation of Appliances - after handover


  1. Hey guys - looking great. In the ensuite - is the feature tile stripe going between 2 mirrors? I think it will look excellent.

  2. yes it is actually - that was the idea....hopefully once the mirrors go in it will look like we pictured in our minds!